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ELYSIAN CONFINEMENT CENTER is the first post-natal confinement center set up for Chinese in Thailand, allowing moms to confine themselves scientifically and healthily. The center is equipped with a baby room, isolation room, mother room, 24-hour monitoring, etc., a professional nutritionist tailors a five-day meal for the baby mom, a professional postpartum nurse and a professional babysitter for your Baby personal service 24 hours
Can you turn on the air conditioner during confinement?

Affected by the traditional ideas of the older generation, many postpartum mothers have some conceptual errors in confinement. Some families even ask the maternity to "do not wash her hair, brush her teeth, or turn on the air conditioner and lie on the bed with her quilt every day." Especially in the hot summer days in the south, not only the weather is hot, but there is no trace of the wind. If you ask your mother not to blow the air conditioner after the birth, wrapped in long trousers, it must be heat stroke. Bangkok Confinement Center

Maternal health is weak after giving birth, it is certain to keep warm properly and avoid blowing cold wind. But on a hot summer day, it is even more necessary to prevent heatstroke. In summer, when the weather is hot, proper air conditioning is beneficial to both mothers and babies. If the air conditioner is not turned on under high temperature environment, and the indoor temperature is too high, the heat inside the human body cannot be discharged. Mother's heatstroke during the puerperium, breeding bacteria, maternal heatstroke is not conducive to recovery after childbirth, but also affect the baby's sleep.

       Benefits of confinement

1) Prevent baby from having prickly heat and prevent mother from heatstroke during puerperium.

The metabolic rate of mothers and babies is higher than that of normal people. The metabolic rate of postpartum mothers is 25% higher than that of normal people, which generates more heat and requires cooling and heat dissipation. Newborn babies are not fully functional and can easily feel the ambient temperature. If the room temperature is too high, the baby's body temperature will also increase, causing the baby to develop symptoms such as heat rash and prickly heat.

2) Reduce the growth of bacteria

The hot and unventilated environment is a hotbed of bacteria. After delivery, the mother's body is weak, and there are even wounds. The baby's umbilical part has not fallen off, which is very prone to bacterial infection. Keeping the environment clean and fresh is also a guarantee for the health of mothers and babies. In summer, confinement, turn on air conditioning and ventilation, prevent heat stroke, and create a comfortable environment, so that postpartum mother can recover better.

3) Good mentality, better recovery

All normal people should try to maintain the appropriate ambient temperature in their daily lives. The appropriate temperature is easy to keep calm and gentle emotions. The mood of postpartum mother is very important, it not only affects the secretion of postpartum milk, but also has an effect on the recovery of postpartum physical strength. Good mood can make postpartum mothers feel comfortable, rest better, help milk secretion, uterus rejuvenation. Also not prone to postpartum depression. Babies can sleep better at the right temperature.

For the problem of confinement to turn on the air conditioner, new mothers should not be overly nervous. Don't cover sweat in confinement in summer, wipe dry and change wet clothes in time after sweating. Maintain the room temperature between 25-28 degrees Celsius and maintain ventilation, as long as the air conditioner is not directly directed at the mother.

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